Heart Wound – Episode 15 (Promo 2)

Heart Wound – Episode 15 (Promo 2)

Ayse feels guilty about her and Ferit’s love saying that their love did no good to anyone and that everyone is suffering because of them.

Ferit tells Ayse that he and their relationship should be hurt and Ayse tells him to go live with Hande.

Ferit is confused by this and tells Ayse that you are telling me to pretend I love someone I do not love.

Hande’s father thinks that his daughter has lost her memory and does not remember anything, Hande interrupts him saying that he has not forgotten anything.

Ferit’s mother proposes to him to start everything from the beginning. Ferit and Ayse, on the other hand, sign something that will be “in their best interest.” What will it be?